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Landlords Guide

We make renting out your space simple and efficient. Get started with our 5 step guide to a successful booking, or find some answers in our Landlord FAQs.

List your space

Describe your space and upload some images. You can see other listings here to help you get started: space search

Top Tip: Your listing is the key way to market your space to brands – they will want to know as much as you can tell them about your space and the neighbourhood. Top Tip: Listings that include lots of information about the space and surrounding area as well as good quality images (6 is a great start) get a much better response rate from brands and many more relevant enquiries.
Receive Enquiries

Tenants search our listings and if yours stands out they make an enquiry for the dates they need. We’ll notify you via email that you have enquiries. Simply log in, check out their profiles and accept the enquiry.

Top Tip: You can access the enquiries from your emails by clicking on the link in the email notifications, or via the envelope icon on the top right of the screen next to your name once you log on. Top Tip: If you like the look of a brand but can’t do the dates you can accept the enquiry and discuss alternatives with them. Nothing is binding until you - and only you – make a full offer. Top Tip: If you are in a hurry you can also go shopping for tenants, simply search here and click the ‘Suggest Space’ button.
Negotiate Terms

We provide a messaging system so you can discuss the rental with the tenant. That way everything is stored in one place.

Top Tip: If your proposal is declined, you can amend it based on the feedback and re-submit. There’s no cap on the amount of enquiries you can make.
Make Offers

Once you’re happy to book the tenant, just confirm the dates and charge is correct, and click the "Make Offer" button. Tenants will be prompted to pay. You get a commercial grade rental agreement (created with Hogan Lovells LLP).

Get Paid

We'll process the payment from the tenant and hold it. 7 days before the booking happens we transfer you all the funds.

As a landlord you do not pay anything to list your location on the platform. We charge a fee to the brand and that fee will be automatically incorporated in the price of the location that you list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to contact the tenant?

You can contact them directly, or let them come to you – once you have approved a tenant’s query you’ll both have access to our direct messaging system.

What is an enquiry?

When tenants make an enquiry to your space it is simply a way to signal they are interested in renting from you. It’s the first step in the negotiation. It isn’t binding.

What is an offer?

The offer is when you want to make a final offer to a tenant to rent your space. Once you’ve made an offer they have 5 days to pay for it before the offer expires. Only landlords can make offers.

How does your rental agreement work?

Our rental agreement (created by Hogan Lovells LLP) protects the booking. It works by taking the information you provide us and auto-populating the agreement. Both your space listing and your messages form an annex to the rental agreement. If you want to specifically ensure a point is covered i.e. the terms of the deposit return, please ensure you put it in the listing or in the message with the tenant. That way you are fully protected!

What if the tenant wants to pay in installments?

We are working on staged payments, in the meantime you could make multiple offers (e.g. one month duration each). That way the tenant can pay as they go and you both still get the cover of the rental agreement.

What do I do with the deposit?

The deposit is between you and the tenant – we transfer the full amount the tenant pays us (minus fees) to you. Once their rental is finished you can return the deposit to them directly.

How can I get my space showcased in the We Are Pop Up mailer?

We look out for great new spaces signing up every week to profile in the mailer, or drop us a line at press@wearepopup.com to include any special offers or promotions for your space and we’ll be in touch.

I haven't heard back form the tenant - now what?

The tenant has been notified of your response. We also check in with any tenants that are unresponsive. In the meantime don’t hesitate to connect with other tenants to increase your chances of renting your space.